A downloadable screensaver for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

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1. Silence2013

This galaxy of cubes listen and react to a song only they can hear.

[!!! flashing colors/lights.]

2. VoxSaver

VoxelSystemWIP As Screensaver.

One iteration/version of one of my 'voxelsystem'/engines reworked as a screensaver.

In glorious 1FPS dithered 1-bit black and white.

3. PlanetSysSaver

3rd entry.

4. MyFirstScreenSaver / last minute entry

Actually more or less my first shader, improvised. I started it two hours before the deadline and there's still one hour left. It's kinda lame but... here it is. Mac only. Edit: Added Linux version.

Only the Mac versions have been fully tested. I tested the Linux versions and sometimes encountered weird things with Silence2013. Windows versions weren't tested. VoxSaver has another mode switchable with 'F' key. Silence2013 has a key ('S') to switch the music of the visualization ON/OFF. But you probably wouldn't want to hear that old wonky WIP track. :)


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silence2013.Mac.zip 7 MB
VoxSaver.App.zip 5 MB
VoxSaver.linux64.zip 4 MB
VoxSaver.win32.zip 4 MB
PlanetSysSaver.App.zip 5 MB
planetSysSaver.win32.zip 4 MB
planetSysSaver.linux64.zip 4 MB
Silence2013.linux64.zip 7 MB
Silence2013.win32.zip 7 MB
myFirstScreenSaver.mac.zip 4 MB
myFirstScreenSaver.linux64.zip 2 MB

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